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Lead generation has always been a big deal when it comes to getting business, and today it's an even bigger concern. You can out perform your competition when it comes to quality but if you have no one to tell your story to, you'll find it hard to succeed. Five Star Services Network, Inc. knows that not all service professionals are sales and marketing experts, so we have taken the stress out of finding motivated buyers for you. Close sales faster and before your competition gets to them!

     As a Network Member, not only will you be represented with a first-class website, but our Network Partner Program can also further promote you and your company an any market you wish to develop. This allows you to compete with local businesses, as well as, with large corporate "sales only" corporations that seem to get all the leads in your area before you do. As a Network Member, you will have exposure to the same lead sources these large corporations do, saving you up to 90% on customer acquisition.

     The greatest attribute of our Five Star's Network Partner Program is that it gives you the ability to target work that meets your specific criteria with surgical precision and helps you avoid wasting time, and money, with customer inquiries you don't want. You can target jobs by location, completion time, size of crew, current service offerings, enjoyment, and complexity level, just to name a few. Also, you will be able to add new services to your offerings as you discover them or eliminate others as your company grows.

  • Location, Location, Location. When starting business, the main concern is filling the calendar. As your schedule becomes full the next step should be to pull your area of influence closer to your home base.  Five Star Services Network, Inc. will help you shorten travel times between jobs, increasing your working hours in a day. Reducing your footprint will result in more jobs and higher income.
  • Supply and Demand Equals Dollars. Most service professionals get caught in the self-sabotaging act of charging customers based on what they themselves would pay for the service. In running a successful business, you must let the market decide the price, which, in many cases, is significantly more than you think you may be able to command for your services. With Five Star Services Network, Inc's Supply and Demand approach, you will get top dollar for your services.
  • Completion Time. There are two ways that a service company charge for their services, hourly and by the job. An increased per hour rate sounds great on the surface however, when you do the math, it can pale in comparison with properly implementing flat rates for certain service items. When you are charging by the job, completion time is of critical importance. The faster you complete the task, the more you will make on the job and the faster you can get to other work. Five Star Services Network, Inc. can help you identify and focus on acquiring work that you can perform, on a flat rate basis, reducing your work time and increasing your income to levels you did not think possible.
  • Size of Crew. Some professionals want to operate multiple crews and some just want to work by themselves. Regardless of the size of your crew. Five Star Services Network, Inc. can help you identify the types and scale of jobs that fits your needs and specifically target those jobs. This will keep you from wasting resources, on inquiries that are outside of your purview, and to keep everyone working.
  • Enjoyment and Discovery. Most people have worked jobs that they just did not like. Studies show, that if you enjoy your work, it will keep you focused and productive. Sometimes enjoyment is more important than income level. The more you enjoy something, the better you get at it. The better you get at it, the faster you will get at performing it, which can also result in higher income levels. Five Star Services Network, Inc. can help you discover work that is fulfilling and that you will enjoy or to acquire more of the work you are already enjoying.
  • Complexity of Jobs. In certain circumstances complexity level becomes of great importance. The simpler jobs can mean faster completion times, more jobs in a day or work for newer crew members. Greater complexity can mean that there are not many people that are able to perform a task, resulting in an increase in what you can charge for the work. Five Star Services Network, Inc. can help you increase your complexity level over time or reduce it to free you up for other things, while maintaining your income level.
  • Play before you pay. Five Star services Network, Inc. can aid you in exploring new markets and services by developing custom advertising programs and running them until there are enough inquiries to justify adding the service, buying equipment, adding workers, etc. 

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