Who is Five Star Services Network, Inc.?

We are diverse group of service professionals with a common goal. To expand each other’s service offerings, reduce risks, and most of all increase profits.

About Five Star Services Network, Inc.

Five Star Services Network, Inc. was created by service professionals for service professionals. Our network members have been through the ups and downs of creating and running successful service businesses. We pull from this wealth of knowledge to help each other to improve our service offerings and to create businesses that not only fulfill the needs of our members but also ensures customers that they are "in good hands."

Before launching Five Star Services Network, Inc., we had spent over ten years developing the structure that would become the backbone of this exciting approach to services industries. As we have grown and technology has increased, our program has succeeded in maximizing our members' flexibility and consistently works with all types of service companies.

For years franchising has been pushed as a great option for all business models when, in reality, it may work great for some industries but not others. The “one size fits all” approach falls short regarding service companies. When people are your product, you need an adaptable way of promoting your services, giving you complete control of your business and your future.

Five Star Services Network, Inc. is here to fill in the gaps between running your own company and what a franchising has to offer.

What are some of the advantages of Five Star Services Network, Inc. over franchising?

• Low startup costs.
• No franchise fees.
• Keep 100% of your profits.
• Proven and dedicated website.
• Grow at your own pace.
• Complete production control.
• Choose your own office processes.
• No minimum advertising requirements.
• No rent or storefronts required.
• Exclusive Marketing Areas.
• Benefit from years of experience from other members.   

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