Services and Benefits

There are a lot of reasons to take advantage of Five Star Services Network Membership. The major benefit is that no matter how you want to compete or be seen in your Marketing Area, we can help make it happen for far less than traditionally possible. 
"Designed for service professionals by service professionals."

What makes Five Star Services Network different?

  1. Low startup costs. Franchises can cost you tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get started. The only charge Five Star Services Network gets upfront is just enough to accomplish its due diligence in establishing your membership benefits and we waive two months of membership dues for added value.
  2. No franchise fees. On top of their already enormous startup costs, franchises charge you "franchise fees" that are basically raw profit going to their bottom line. With Five Star Services Network, you keep your capital and spend it how you see fit.
  3. Keep 100% of your profits. Franchises require you to pay a percentage of your net profits month after month and year after year. This can reach up to 10% or more and tens of thousands of dollars per year. Five Star Services Network wants to earn your trust by not taking what you have rightfully earned.
  4. Proven customized website. As a member of Five Star Services Network, you will be showcased on one of our websites as the premier service provider and receive 100% of the calls, emails, text and customers developed in your marketing area. No sharing a website with other franchisees, confusing the customer. We can work with your current company brand or help you design a new one.
  5. Grow at your own pace. Franchises require you to go in with an "all or nothing" mentality. We allow you to grow your tools, supplies and staff as your company and service offerings grow.
  6. Complete production control. Franchises require that you use their approved methods of production. We know that no customer's requirements or jobs are the same. With Five Star Services Network you will control the who, what, when, where, how, and why you perform work.
  7. Choose your own office processes. Franchises require you to use their software, systems, and processes. This adds more profit to their bottom line. Five Star Services Network allows you to conduct all your business in whatever manner fits you and your staff.
  8. No minimum advertising requirements. Franchises require that you spend thousands of dollars on advertising every month and from day one. With Five Star Services Network you can focus on only the types and size of jobs you want. You get to decide how aggressive you want to be in promoting your business.
  9. No rent or storefronts required. Some service franchises require that you have a business storefront space. With Five Star Services Network, there is no wasting money on an office or storefront when you travel to your customers' homes and businesses.
  10. Exclusive Marketing Area. Franchises might give you a specific area, but they require that you give business, that you have developed, to other franchisees if it falls outside of that area. With Five Star Services Network you'll have an exclusive Marketing Area, as well as the freedom to capitalize on 100% of the business your efforts produce, no matter where it’s at.
  11. Benefit from years of experience from other members. Franchises operate from a top-down approach where all directives come from someone sitting in an office that may not even have real work experience in your industry. With Five Star Services Network you get the benefit of developing your business with the experience of other professionals in your industry backing you. You can focus on really what works for you.

List of Services

  • Verification Service. Five Star Services Network, Inc., understands that projecting quality and safety to potential customers is more than just important, its critical for building trust and long-term relationships. Our six-point verification service ensures potential customers that your company and its employees are of impeccable character Click for More!
  • Network Membership. Five Star Services' Network Membership gives you the advantage of expanding or streamlining your service offerings based upon the years of experience of other professionals in your industry. Making you more efficient and more profitable. Five Star Services Network Members are eligible for all current and future benefits the network has to offer such as Customized websites, Online business management, Brand development, Exclusive marketing areas, Online business management and Lead generation programs. Click for More!
  • Customized Websites. Customized websites showcasing you and your services are included with network membership. We periodically review and update the information on these sites to ensure that they are presenting your most current services and we inform you of new market niches, that are brought to our attention, that may be a good fit for your company. Your Five Star Services Network, Inc. website will be dedicated solely to you and your services and no other service companies will be showcased on it. Click for More!
  • Brand Development. If you are just starting out or want a new look for your company, our team can develop a new brand with you and design your Five Star Services Network website around this new brand. Further setting you apart from your competition and projecting the image you desire. If you already have a brand you enjoy, we can work with that as well. Click for More!
  • Exclusive Marketing Area. Our members enjoy exclusive marketing areas. As a member of Five Star Services' Network you will have exclusive marketing rights in your Marketing Areas. We will only purposefully promote your company and no other companies of your main service offerings in these areas.
  • Online Business Management. Five Star Services Network, Inc. helps you compete with companies that have the advantage of an online management team. We will manage your online presence, with our proven system, that gets you recognized in by people looking for your services, in your Marketing Area.
  • Network Partner Program. With our Network Partner Program, you can receive exposure, in your Marketing Area, through many of the online companies we contract with to promote our Members' services. Online management is more than just getting a website built, it's promoting your business everywhere your potential customers are looking. Click for More!
  • Lead Generation. Some, online, promotional opportunities cost to participate in, and depending on your services, these can be highly effective. However, they also require a tremendous amount of expertise to navigate. We have spent 10+ years and uncountable resources in learning and developing a strategy that saves our members save up to 90% leads that only they get. This will allow you to compete with all companies in your Marketing Areas, no matter the size, and will give you complete control to set a flexible budget. Spend money only when you want to. Click for More!

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